Free Delamar Academy Tours!

Free Delamar Academy Tours!

Go in every classroom, watch the demos, speak to the tutors and students! Slots available every day at 11:30 & 14:30


If you didn’t already know, you can come into the Academy and have a personal tour where we show you everything that is going on that day. You are welcome to watch the tutors demo, ask questions and speak to students. We can also sit down with you and discuss your career goals, offering any helpful advice, whether or not you wish to train here. 

The choice to come to Delamar is an investment of both time and finances. We want all of our students to take it as seriously as we do, this is why our doors are always open for people to come and have a look around on a no-obligation tour. We do not follow up by calling or emailing you to find out if you wish to enrol. If during this tour, we think Delamar is a good fit for you, we let you know that we would welcome your enrolment and provide you with the paperwork. 

Many parents want to know if they can bring in their teenager who is not yet old enough to start a course here (minimum age is 18). The answer is always yes! We love seeing the same young faces come back again. We often have enthusiastic young teenagers stay in touch with us until they are old enough to come here. One brilliant example is Steven and Michael Byrne, two of the top prosthetics make-up artists in the industry who have worked on many feature films and TV dramas, including Game of Thrones . Aged 13, they wrote to us and visited many times before starting their course. 

As you’ve probably gathered, we are not about the sales, but the success stories and careers we can start.

So if you are curious, come and see us for yourself! 



We are still taking enrolments for 2022 and 2023 - start your career at the busiest time in the industry
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