Caroline Walker: My experience as make-up trainee on Justice League

Caroline Walker: My experience as make-up trainee on Justice League

We hear from Caroline Walker, who completed the 1 Year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design course in 2016 and has already got some brilliant work under her belt.  Our agency is free, not for profit and places Delamar graduates on a variety of jobs, with each year including some of the best opportunities in the industry.  Alongside Caroline working on Justice League, is Delamar graduate Gabor Kerekes, who has been an asset to the school, by now providing opportunities for the Delamar family of grads. 


Sometimes the best opportunities in life can really take you by surprise.  A few weeks ago I received the most exciting email from Leda (Delamar’s Managing Director) asking me to work on the upcoming film, Justice League. The main team make-up department required a trainee for the final 10 days of filming, and it goes without saying I JUMPED at the chance. It had been a dream of mine since the age of sixteen to work on a big film. Up until this point I had only worked on television jobs, which were a lot smaller in comparison to the huge production of a feature film. 


It was somewhat daunting coming into a hair and makeup team that had been together for the best part of a year already, rather like being the new girl on the last day of school! Thankfully, I couldn’t have wished for a more welcoming and supportive team.  My main concern was doing the best possible job making the best possible impression with my team. I was instantly put to work, assisting the makeup designer, Victoria Down and the rest of her brilliant team. From passing up brushes to Victoria whilst in the Batcave, to covering up tattoos on Wonder Woman’s stunt double and walking through a mirage of green screens – there was never a dull moment. I have always appreciated the team effort involved in bringing TV and film productions to life and Justice League was certainly an effort of mammoth proportions; we moved locations four times within a week! Everyone from catering to producers had an important part to play and it felt like a big family.


I was very fortunate to have Victoria as a boss as she allowed me to pitch in and constantly be in amongst the action.  I was really grateful that Victoria let me do so much but I also did always ask the team if they wanted brushes cleaning and kept a constant supply of teas and coffees going, as I know this makes all the difference when working long hours.  A moment that particularly sticks in my mind is when she was given five minutes to do a special effects makeup on one of the actors and despite being under such pressure she still took the time to give me various tips and tricks as to what she was doing. I learnt so much and made so many connections, all in the space of ten days.  The excitement to get up everyday and go to work completely overshadowed the 3am wake up calls! Yes folks, 3am wake-up calls. 


There are various anecdotes from set that will stick with me and that I’m sure would make much more interesting reading but the secrecy surrounding these projects are something I want to respect so sadly I can’t share them on here! But I will say the icing on the cake on the final day: fulfilling my dorky dream of being driven around Warner Bros. studio in a golf buggy! It’s the small things. 


If this sounds like something you would love to do, we still have some last minute spaces on our courses starting in August and September. 

Due to Covid-19, Delamar Academy is closed for the next month. All enrolled students will have their classes honoured when it is safe to re-open.
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