Your Make-up Career

Your Make-up Career

The future is extremely bright for graduates of Delamar Academy. It’s simply a great way to launch a career as a make-up artist.


To start, there’s our world-class tuition. Not only is Delamar renowned for educational excellence and hands-on experience, but Delamar’s courses are also accredited by the University of West London. This means that graduates of our year-long Higher Education Certificate Course gain an internationally-respected University qualification in addition to the excellent training they’ve received!

Then there’s Delamar’s vast wealth of contacts to help students find work after graduating. This is thanks to the vast network of relationships that Delamar has built over the years, including our close ties with Ealing Studios and graduates and tutors working in the industry. It’s worth bearing in mind the sheer volume and variety of the success enjoyed by our past graduates: many have won International Awards as make-up artists and others have had international success in all types of media. Delamar Academy is now so recognized and respected – and has such a legacy of successful alumni – that current students and recent graduates are quickly reaping the benefits in their careers.

There is also wonderful graduate support. We always try hard to help every student find employment and provide them with full assistance. To that end, we run our own Creative Agency, which is successful in placing many of our graduates in exciting work year after year. You’ll find more information — and links to some of the opportunities enjoyed by our graduates — on our Agency page.

And after students leave, the relationship between our make-up graduates and Delamar often continues well into the future: because of the team-based experience when studying at the Academy, the Delamar community stretches over time and distance.

Although we will be talking to you throughout the course, your priority will be to learn as much as you can from our fabulous tutors. At the end of the course, you will be expected to have a meeting with Leda about what you want to do going forward. Whilst we recommend that you don’t specialise, you will have a natural leaning towards certain types of work and certain types of make-up artists. We can advise you where to focus your attention and recommend you to tutors that are best placed to help you into the part of the industry that you’re most excited about.

After your initial meeting we will still expect you to stay in touch so that we know your availability. We also love hearing about all of the experience you’re getting and helping you towards the next stage of your career (whichever stage you’re at).

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If you would like to know more about the Make-up courses at the Delamar Academy, please contact: +44 (0)20 8579 9511 or email

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