Graduate Testimonials

What have our graduates got to say? 

Here’s what some of our graduate students have to say about their time studying make-up at Delamar Academy. Please note this page is under construction, and soon to be filled with lots of graduate testimonials. 


Kitty Noofah 

1 year Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design course 2016

A year at Delamar has taken me so far and without them I would not have the confidence and skills that have got me where l am today. From start to finish there was not a moment l was not learning new skills thanks to the tutors that are dedicated and motivated to make you the best you can be. Coming into the course my experience with hair and makeup was next to your everyday average girl and within months they have given me the abilities to go out and do hair, makeup and special effects for fashion shows, photo-shoots, short films and music videos. They gave me to confidence to enter completions at the Paintopia body painting festival and the National Make Up Awards 2016. As a result l was privileged enough to be awarded first place in Fashion Artistry and runner up as the Overall Student Winner for Fashion/Editorial at the Student National Makeup Awards (NMUA) 2016. This has opened opportunities to feature on live TV, newspapers and radio broadcasts in Thailand and also feature in FAB UK and i-ASiA magazines. All of this is thanks to Delamar Academy, the first class tutors and the broad experience you gain from this course. 


Trefor Proud  

I owe everything to Delamar Academy! 


Sophie Crudgington

Graduated from our 1 year Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design course 2014  


I decided that I wanted to go to Delamar and aspired to have a future career in Make-up and prosthetics since I was just 13. I was living in Cyprus at the time and always had a passion for art and anything hands-on and creative. I found out about Delamar through word of mouth and by doing some research online. I knew as soon as I visited the website that it was the place where I wanted to study. The work previous students had created was amazing and inspiring and having tutors who are in the industry themselves made it top other schools I looked at. It really is amazing that the tutors are in the industry as they know exactly how the industry works and are great contacts, who are given to you before you have even graduated, what more could you want?!

I took the 1 Year HE course, and specialised in prosthetics as that was where my passion lay. The intense 6 weeks of advanced was perfect as you really got the knowledge you need to start off in the industry and being able to completely create your own design from start to finish is a great experience as a lot of the time in the prosthetics industry you work as a team and all collaborate on one job. So it was great to get to do all of it so that you have a wide range of skills to enter the industry with.

The course was so much fun. Everyday was different and so practical. Having the incredibly talented tutors there made the experience so exciting and inspiring and showed you exactly how the industry worked to prepare you for what’s to come.

Having the MET film school just next door was perfect for work experience as they are producing short films very often and, as they are students too, it’s not as nerve-racking to practise and be creative and get to know how a film set works properly, as they are learning themselves.

Overall, I found the 1 year course at Delamar to be an incredible experience. I learnt so much and even now, after graduating, their constant support is really reassuring.

Since finishing the course in June 2014, I have luckily been really busy. I have been a trainee at Kristyan Mallett Make-Up Effects, and also been a trainee at the BBC for Holby City’s prosthetics department. Both these jobs were incredible and I feel so privileged to have had these paid experiences so soon after graduating. I have been constantly busy since graduating, and I am absolutely loving it. Every job is different and exciting.

Everywhere I go, and whoever I meet in the industry, as soon as you mention that you studied at Delamar, they know exactly what it is and even know other people in the industry who have studied there themselves. That really shows that the academy is well known throughout, and I highly recommend any one who wants to get in to this industry to study there.



Gabor Kerekes

Graduated from our 1 year Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design course 2014  

Before I decided to apply for Delamar’s one year HE Hair and Makeup Design course I did thorough research about all the make-up schools in the UK. One of the main reasons why I chose Delamar was because all the tutors are actively working in the industry and some of them worked on or designed some of my favourite shows and films. After my first visit I was 100% sure I wanted to study here because of the friendly relaxed atmosphere. Throughout the year the Delamar team was very supportive and helpful.

Over my one year I learned exciting new things everyday. I especially enjoyed doing period hair and casualty makeup. The tutors were very helpful and we learned everything for being able to be a valued part of any makeup team.

Since I finished the course I have worked on many TV and Film productions. One of my first jobs was on A Royal Night Out, a feature film which was designed by one of our tutors, Lorraine Hill. After that production I got recommended to other jobs such as Warner Bros’s Pan, BBC1 George Gently, BBC1 Tumble, BBC3 Some Girls, Bad Education the Movie, BBC 1 Frank Sinatra and many others. I’m still in regular contact with the Delamar Team and some of the tutors. I get lots of help to get in contact with designers and finding new jobs. Delamar really set me up for being part of such a great industry.

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